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Beacon continues to accept students for fall 2023 on-campus and Foundations semesters. If you are a new student in fall 2023 and have not already, please:

The fall 2023 housing application for new students becomes available in late spring 2023. New students who have submitted their deposit and intent to enroll will receive an email with a link to the housing application. Students should complete their housing application as soon as possible. A sample housing application can be found here for reference only.


June 15

Mailing of fall 2023 tuition bills begins and ebills become available in the student portal. All bills are due July 21, 2023.

New students should begin to complete the required forms in the enrollment checklist prior to arrival on campus this August. Students and families should download the Immunization Form and Physical Exam Form as soon as possible in order to have it completed by your local primary care physician. Other required health forms can be completed online prior to arrival.


June 29

June 29th is the deadline to register for the five-month interest-free monthly tuition payment plan. Parents and students can learn more and enroll online.


July 1

Student course schedules and booklists will be available in the student portal. Please note that new students are pre-registered for their fall courses. Class registration is based on your application, received testing from the admissions process, and/or approved college transfer courses. First semester course schedules typically include language arts, learning essentials, Beacon Experience, and another general educational foundational class that will help meet your academic requirements. If you have questions after reviewing your course schedule, please contact


July 10

The Student Health Insurance “Wellfleet” Opt-Out waiver is available after Jul. 10, 2023. You must complete the form until you receive a confirmation code to waive the student health insurance plan. Failure to waive the health insurance by Aug. 14 will result in in the annual fee being applied to your fall 2023 billing statement. If you have questions, please contact the Beacon Health Office at: 352-638-9701 or


July 21

Fall 2023 tuition bills are due for new and returning students. (Please note: fall 2023 Foundations semester bills are due Sept. 15.)


July 28

July 28 is the deadline to register for the four-month interest-free monthly tuition payment plan. Parents and students can learn more and enroll online.


August 14

New incoming students will begin to receive introductory emails from their learning specialists the week of Aug. 14. At Beacon College, learning specialists serve as students’ academic advisors as well as a mentors and advocates; students meet with their learning specialists weekly. 

All steps to complete your financial aid should be completed by new and returning students by Aug. 14. Please be sure to accept or decline your financial aid in the student portal and complete any paperwork required for loans or scholarships.


August 22

Navigator PREP students are welcomed to campus for check-in and pre-orientation activities.


August 23

Students new to Beacon in fall 2023 are welcomed to campus for check-in and orientation.


August 23-27

New student orientation activities will take place on campus. A preliminary New Student Orientation Schedule will be available in summer 2023.


August 25-27

All returning students must complete check-in on campus for the fall 2023 semester. Please note: commuter students who live off campus are still required to check in. Finally, please be sure to cross reference the enrollment documents checklist at the top of this page before returning to campus. This will speed up your check-in process!


September 6

The add/drop period for the fall 2023 semester ends on Sept. 6. All Veterans’ Benefits will be certified through the federal system (typical processing time is 30-days) and spring 2023 loan disbursements will begin. Students and families can log into the portal to view a finalized billing statement if needed. Please note: Students who drop below full-time (12 credits per semester) jeopardize their original financial aid awards and may receive notification of adjusted scholarship awards via email. Parents and students who have questions or concerns can schedule a financial aid meeting online here.


September 15

Bills are due for the fall 2023 Foundations semester.

  • Parents and students who have questions or concerns about their financial aid can schedule a financial aid meeting online here or call 352-638-9792.
  • Parents and students who have questions about payments, payment plans, or coordinating payments from a 529 can call the business office for assistance at 352-787-8068.